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12 April 2015

April Styling the Seasons = Birthdays & Blossom....

April is a really important month for me, not only is it my birthday but it's the birthday month of many of my closest friends too. They say birds of a feather flock together well we certainly have. I have been dying to do this post for days now since #stylingtheseasons announced  the #stylingspringatmine competition. The Theme is 'what does April mean to you' and in my case thats easy - Birthdays and Blossom. 

You see on my 1st birthday my lovely mum and dad decided to buy me a cherry blossom tree and plant it in the garden. That beautiful cherry blossom has now been flowering for 38 years this month and it always waits just until the 27th to completely bloom. This is why my post had to wait as long as possible because I wanted to be able to have some of my special tree in my styled surface. I stole some but its still not happy to blossom fully just yet! I also grabbed some other pink flowers from the garden too. I mean if you can't have frothy pinks and pastels at your birthday when can you?

The other thing is - my mum decided that I would have to pose for a photograph every year next to my tree, believe me this brings back some memories of standing next to a tree in the rain, in the wind and with no blossom on it at all because the sun hadn't shone enough. I went up my mum's today and routed through the attic to find some of these photographs, not easy when there are around 7000 photographs not in albums!!!! I did find some and I have included these on the wall. I do still do this every year by the way, now with my own children in the picture. 

So thank you #stylingspringatmine for making me reminisce and having a lovely afternoon gathering together my favourite April things. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

Oh and Happy Birthday to all you April beauties out there xxx

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