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24 May 2015

May Styling the Seasons - Vintage tea party.....

This isn't the post I thought that I would do for May, Oh no, I was going to be posting about cocktails and pineapples!  But that will have to wait until June because when I saw this vintage crate in an antique shop today I knew what I was going to do with it.

For the last month I have been obsessed with the garden, as you know from my last post. Because of my rekindled love for plants and flowers I have found myself basically stealing and foraging them from everywhere! I can be driving along when I have this urge to pull over and grab armfuls of cow parsley and those lovely little purple flowers that you see on the side of the road. My lovely husband never really knows what I am going to come home with next. 

Whilst out today I came across the beautiful mauve flowers that you can see in my pictures and no I didn't steal them from anyones garden they were just in a grass verge (finders keepers yes?) I knew I wanted to style them on my dining room table as a centre piece in my new/old crate. 

May to me means being out in the garden, drinking tea and listening to the birds. I love going out there after work and checking to see what new flowers have come up and which ones I can pick for the house. I love the way that this very impromptu styling the seasons has enabled me to bring the garden into the house. Hope you like it too xx

Why not get involved in #StylingTheSeasons with Katy @aptapothecary and Charlotte @lottsandlots and style a surface in your home to show what that month means to you xx

7 May 2015

Garden days........

I have been feeling sorry for the garden for ages now, because of our wedding last year it didn't even get a look in and every morning whilst brushing my teeth I would look out and feel sad that while the house was getting all the love the garden was neglected!!

The bottom end of the garden was an unused space, there was a step down with gravel which not only became full of weeds but also was a pretty nasty space to sit in. I had the idea to deck the whole area and I really liked the idea of having some kind of a pergola for the wisteria to wind its way around.

My lovely husband and brother in law made all of this vision possible and I love the results.

Now then the colour of said decking and pergola was a big source of confusion and brain ache. I knew I didn't want a traditional colour that many of the decking paint comes in and my new found love of grey had me thinking. I did a lot of Pinteresting which you can see on my Garden Days board and I was convinced that 2 colours of grey would be the way to go. So we went with Cuprinol Urban Slate for the fences and Cuprinol decking paint in Silver birch for deck and pergola. I love it.

After all the hard work was done ( and there was a lot of painting ) it was my favourite part - styling the decking with all my best garden bits and bobs. The step ladder was bought last year for the wedding and makes a great feature for planters. The Belfast sink has amazingly been sitting in my 
in -laws garden for years!! Can't believe I didn't steal it sooner. The crates were bought from an antiques fair last year, again they were part of my wedding styling. 

The piste de resistance I think is my new lovely potting bench from Homebase
A bargain and after a lick of paint, gorgeous blue, I flippin love it!!! Not sure I will actually pot on it but nevermind....

OH and my other little treat to myself for my birthday was the beautiful COX and COX outdoor lampshade.

I have other lights to put up but the weather has stopped play for a while. 
You have probably noticed that I will plant in anything so I like the eclectic look! 

SUNSHINE we need you!! Can't wait to get out there with a cocktail in my hand and some friends around. Hope you like it xx