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24 May 2015

May Styling the Seasons - Vintage tea party.....

This isn't the post I thought that I would do for May, Oh no, I was going to be posting about cocktails and pineapples!  But that will have to wait until June because when I saw this vintage crate in an antique shop today I knew what I was going to do with it.

For the last month I have been obsessed with the garden, as you know from my last post. Because of my rekindled love for plants and flowers I have found myself basically stealing and foraging them from everywhere! I can be driving along when I have this urge to pull over and grab armfuls of cow parsley and those lovely little purple flowers that you see on the side of the road. My lovely husband never really knows what I am going to come home with next. 

Whilst out today I came across the beautiful mauve flowers that you can see in my pictures and no I didn't steal them from anyones garden they were just in a grass verge (finders keepers yes?) I knew I wanted to style them on my dining room table as a centre piece in my new/old crate. 

May to me means being out in the garden, drinking tea and listening to the birds. I love going out there after work and checking to see what new flowers have come up and which ones I can pick for the house. I love the way that this very impromptu styling the seasons has enabled me to bring the garden into the house. Hope you like it too xx

Why not get involved in #StylingTheSeasons with Katy @aptapothecary and Charlotte @lottsandlots and style a surface in your home to show what that month means to you xx

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  1. This is all so pretty! Love the crate. Also love it when you see something that totally inspires you and the styling suddenly seems effortless x