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18 October 2015

October Styling the Seasons - Pastel Pumpkins.....

Not only is it October its also nearly the end of October, I mean how did that happen? Now, not being a lover of all thing autumnal as you know, and feeling slightly apprehensive about all things orange and halloweeny I was a little unsure about what my Styling the Seasons post would end up like. I needn't have worried however as I was soon to discover that pumpkins don't only just come in orange they also come in white and duck egg blue!!! Who knew?? So I went on a little adventure this morning to try and find such things and to my dismay this wasn't as easy as I thought. Oh no, a sea of large orange squashes awaited in every place I tried and some of the staff in farm shops and garden centres didn't seem to understand my need for smaller more prettier pastel coloured veg. Luckily however the last farm I tried had a huge variety and I found some lovely blue ones. I didn't get lucky with the white variety and so the only thing to do was to paint it, needs must and all that!!

Anyway, aside from the fact that my post is centred around pumpkins, October is also the birthday month of my first born and so I wanted my scene to be fun and bright. Pastels colours are also what make up our house and my Instagram gallery and I feel like this really goes well. The pretty shades of the faded Hydrangea help with the Autumn feel too and of course it wouldn't be right to not have one of my favourite vintage cups.  

This month's Styling the Seasons has really added a different element to our bedroom, a room that is often forgotten when I am styling so I'm really happy with the results. I will also be able to use the pumpkins to dress the dining table too.

October, you are ok really!! xx

Happy Halloween!! x

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  1. These are so pretty, I'm not a fan of orange pumpkins either but can't find any light coloured ones. Gorgeous x

  2. He he! This made me giggle as I can totally understand your need for white and blue pumpkins - I hate orange in my own home. They look brilliant and yes, perfect for the table, too. What a gorgeous fireplace by the way x

  3. Thanks Charlotte and Katy I do find autumn a tricky one! The trials of a home lover!! Xx