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25 February 2016

Vintage Styling Kits.....


Nice to see you back, I thought the time was right to introduce you to my Vintage Styling Kits.
The story so far....

One night in November whilst struggling to sleep (again) I had an idea! I absolutely love styling my home and using the vintage finds that I have discover at car boots and vintage fairs but what if people don't have the chance to source these lovely things and maybe they would like someone to do it for them? D-dah!!! The Vintage Styling Kit was born!! Now what to put in it....

What you receive in every kit......

  • A MUST, a vintage cup and saucer, these are my absolute fave and I use them all over the house to add colour, I fill them with plants and they look lovely with fairy lights in. Hey, you can even have a cup of tea in them! Noting tastes better. 
  • I had just purchased some delicate copper string lights and I loved them so I knew that they needed to form part of the overall kit. They are so versatile and I love using them on shelves and mantelpieces to add a bit of drama to my scene. 
  • Vintage books are a big love of mine, they come in gorgeous colours and aged patinas and I love how they add character to any collection of objects. 
  • Vintage style milk bottle, I used these for my wedding as favours and ever since they have been a godsend as mini vases, straw holders and I even put milk in them!!! 
  • Postcard - I use stationary, greeting cards, postcards and generally anything with typography on all around my house to add that bit of interest, tie in the colour scheme and sometimes just to make me smile. This I thought was a necessity in my Styling Kits and I have been using the amazing Calm Gallery designs which have a brilliant quality and great colours. 
  • In order to display your postcard you always need a trusty roll of Washi Tape, I wouldn't be without it and neither will you.
  • And Finally every single kit comes with a surprise vintage gift. Noting makes me happier than looking for pretty little objects that add a touch of the unique for your home and I love the fact that you kind of know what you will get but its not until you open the paper bag or peel away the tissue paper do you really know. Eeeeekkkk!!!
  • Every kit comes beautifully packaged inside a pretty cardboard suitcase, each piece is individually wrapped and so if you have purchased this for a gift all of the hard work is done for you and the lucky recipient is one lucky recipient!! 
So, who doesn't love a present? I especially love buying presents for myself! The beauty of the styling kit is that you can choose a basic colour scheme and then I put it together for you, so china designs, books and postcards are all a mystery until you open the parcel. 

So far kits have gone down a storm!! And I am excited to say that a new variety of styling kits will be emerging soon, these will be kits that you can order for special occasions and will be a bit more personalised. Different sized kits will also be appearing and there will also be the possibility of Modern Styling Kits for those of you that prefer something a bit more on trend.  Exciting times and more details will follow...... 

I do hope you like them, if you do, buy one! Or tell a friend. Oh and don't forget its Mothers Day on March 6th!!!! 

Vintage Styling Kits are £35 plus £5 UK P&P
Overseas prices for P&P are available, just get in touch xxx

Katie x 

Happy shopping! xx

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