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8 February 2015

blue - my first love.....

So, I have recently posted about my love for yellow but this is just an affair, blue is my long term love and I find inspiration for it everywhere. When I became Head of House at work 5 years ago it was a no brainer I had to be Head of the Blue House. To show my support I wore a different blue outfit everyday for a year!! It was quite fun actually and obviously meant that I had to buy a few more blue clothes. My wedding shoes HAD to be blue and now they make a wonderful addition to our bedroom. I mean who needs ornaments when you have beautiful shoes on display?

Blue captures me wherever I go. No more so than when we are on holiday. France, Greece the Caribbean. It could be as simple as the colour of the sea or shutters on beautiful french buildings but I have to take a picture and then I can use it later on at home. I think all blues are lovely and I love the way in which they play with other colours, setting them off so well. There are so many amazing blues out there. 

After our travels last year I decided to bring a bit more blue into our kitchen. Some of the cupboards were still sage green from when we moved in so I went to B&Q and spent roughly 2 hours standing in front of the colour charts!! How many? It was a tough decision but I was happy with my choice and I love the way it goes with the white. (just like Santorini)

My recent passion for blogging has allowed me to follow some really inspirational bloggers and two of my faves are Katy at  and Charlotte at these 2 have come up with a lovely idea of #stylingtheseasons. I missed out on January but decided to join in with February. 
February for me isn't about Valentines Day. We don't do mushy stuff, we would rather spend our money on holidays! So February for me is about the colour blue - pools, sea, sunny skies and other beautiful things. 
When I styled up the table in the dining room I wanted to capture that feeling using all of my favourite blue objects. The plate was a gift many years ago from a best friend. Some of the books remind me of my trip to Barcelona and the antique market and as I am rubbish with plants the Rosemary makes the room spell nice and I can't kill it. That table just had to come home with me after a vintage fair one day and for £5 who can blame me? I hope you like it and I hope that our next holiday in 2 weeks will be the source of even more inspiration...... If I can keep my eyes open long enough that is!


  1. Love the blue theme and your collection of objects is lovely - the plate is gorgeous! Really enjoyed reading your post, too, and the story behind your styling. Thank you so much for taking part x

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  2. I love this colour too, it reminds me of Greece and holidays. That table is such a bargain and a great find. Thanks so much for joining in. xx

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