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14 March 2015

March Styling the Seasons french spring styling.....

During the last few months Instagram has become an amazing source of inspiration for me and one the most exciting things for me to do is #stylingtheseasons 

During my recent holiday I actually lay on my sunbed thinking about what I could do for March and what part of my home could do with a little makeover. The shoe cupboard area has pretty much been the same for ages and part of what March means to me is white and fresh so this is where I started today. 

Once I started to put together all of the green and white objects I realised that It was reminding me of France so I added the canvas that I made after a trip to Paris. To my complete surprise it was 10 years ago when me and a great friend visited for a day. Yes I know it was only a day but believe me we made the most of it! The city was beautiful and I think a return trip is on the cards really soon. 

I then found out one of my most favourite books. I purchased this book about 20 years ago when I started out on my Illustration degree. Sara Midda is a brilliant illustrator and she brought out this book with beautiful watercolours of the South of France. At that point I had never been but every time we go now I think of this book. 

I replaced my wire heart that I have been collecting pretty things on with my lovely white wooden star, I think it creates a much calmer space and really works with the other objects. After picking the only snowdrops in the garden which perfectly matched my favourite cup and saucer my shoe cupboard was complete. TA-DA!  Oh and the white tulips were a Mothers Day gift to myself - perfect! Happy spring everyone, just wish the weather would hurry up and join the season. 
I love it. Hope you do too. xx


  1. Such a gorgeous post and I loved reDing it! I also absolutely love the fact that you were thinking about your STS post whilst on holiday!! The colours you've used are beautiful and perfect for the coming of Spring. I'm so glad you are part of our little STS community x

  2. Thank you Katy I have loved doing it and also seeing what everyone else is doing. Wish I had started this years ago!! Can't wait for the next one and it's my birthday month next! Yeah xx