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21 January 2015

Cardboard lights??

Welcome to my home. Hope you make yourself comfy and you visit often. This house has great bones and I just keep adding to them. I wanted to tell you about my new purchases. After lots of searching for some new lights I didn't expect to buy cardboard ones but I did. I wanted something that would be different, a talking piece, so I chose 'Egg of Columbus' by Seletti 35" pendant lights from Heals. Yes they are made from recycled egg boxes but they are cool and I was ultimately swayed by the red cord. ( easily swayed - for the record ) Of course I also needed to buy equally unusual bulbs to go in them so I opted for original Edison bulbs which I think work perfectly. 
See what you think....

1 comment:

  1. Love your light fittings!
    I'm still jealous of the £5 table you snaffled at Middleton! Hope it features some time xx