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22 March 2015

Thrifty buys and steals....

I love a bargain, I mean who doesn't? and because I do I have managed to fill our home with many cheap and salvaged items. Its a good job that I like things slightly battered and worn because when something comes out of a skip it generally is. Not everything has been free though and I thought I would share with you some of my lucky finds. 

When we moved to this cottage we didn't have a dining table and chairs so this was one of the first buys. I was lucky enough to get the table for £15 and then the four chairs for the amazing total of £7.50! It was in our local junk shop and I have had many things from there now. The chairs have now been painted and every now and again I contemplate painting the table - but I just can't bring myself to do it. 

When the school that I worked in was being knocked down ready for a brand new building I made sure that I got first dibs on any of the old school furniture. I was delighted to get my wall display cabinet which was used to keep wool in and also a beautiful old filing cabinet. Both make great additions to the room but are also practical. After collecting all of the vintage china for our wedding last year I really couldn't part with most of it so the cabinet was perfect and FREE!

We have a small house and so everything has to fit and has to be useful, after seeing this brilliant idea on holiday for storage crates fitted to the wall I went on the hunt for some. 

If we ever end up with enough wall space I would love to recreate this look from Santorini but I love the way crates can be used for loads of other things and I'm looking forward to using my other crates in the garden this year too. My apple crates were £3 each and this one just £5. 

Now finally, we lasted about 8 years without side tables in out bedroom. Well to be honest I didn't like any of them out there and would rather go without than have boring! Then one day at an antique fair Martin spotted this for his side! £8 and I agreed.

A few months later it was my turn and I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted this beauty. No price on it and when I asked.... Is £5 ok she said? Er yes that would be great thanks!! 

So for the grand total of £46.50 I have all of this. Not bad eh? I have shoes that cost more. There are many other items in the house that were either lifted from a skip (people throw away ottomans all the time) or found for a few pounds and I would pick these over high end pieces any-day. xxx

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